kiitos (kiitos) wrote in nycburlyq,

I'm selling one of Hasil Adkins Guitars

Hi guys, sorry to barge in but I know how much love Brooklyn has for Hasil and wanted to let you guys know that I am selling one of his guitars that he played back in the 1950's. Here is a picture of him playing the guitar:

and here is a link to the ebay listing:

Thank you SO MUCH!! If you guys can find me a place to live and a job - I'll move there in a heartbeat!! I love NY!! If you read the description for my auction about the Jaguar Car Book the $$ the cat stole from me all those years ago I was saving to move to NY! And I'm still here. I recommend reading that auction - it's pretty funny. Sad, true, but funny. I had so much fun singing at the Hasil Adkins tribute show in Brooklyn in 2006, you guys rock!

Take care,
Crazy Amy
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